Terrassotec Screws

Eurotec Terrassotec Stainless Steel Wood Screws are a premium quality decking screw with a Torx or star drive for easy installation. They have a small attractive looking head once installed adding to the quality look of the deck structure.

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The Terrassotec and Hapatec premium stainless steel wood screws are suitable for decking, deck structures, balconies, terraces and timber facades. The Terrassotec and Hapatec wood screws are available in a special hardened stainless steel material, A2 stainless and A4 marine grade stainless steels.

These screws have the Deckmark TM meaning they are approved by the Timber Decking Accociation.

The screws can be purchased online through our online shop.

Stainless Steel Decking Screws supplied in boxes or site tubs.

Contact our sales office for information and pricing on +44 (0) 23 80 446644 email sales@swiftfix.co.uk


The Hapatec screws are also available in a Bronze antique finish upon request.

Please call us for special offers on bulk plastic tub deals for extra value.

Premium stainless steel Wooden Decking Screws

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