Atlas Wood Connectors

Atlas Wood Connectors are an aluminium hidden wood connection ETA: 12/0068 beam hanger specifically for timber-to-timber connections. The only hook connection that can be completely prefabricated, enabling quick and simple connections on site similarly to a conventional hook connector. A fixing screw is screwed into the Atlas wood connector from above, so that the components can be braced against each other.

To allow problem-free installation, every system pack includes all system screws and the matching DuoBit, together with assembly instructions.

SizeBox QuantityUPC
Atlas HF 70104251314701923
Atlas HF 100104250207462446
Atlas HF 135104250207462453
Atlas HF 170104250207462460
Atlas HF 20064250207462477

Product Data Sheet

What can it be used for:

  • The connector is generally suitable for all areas of timber construction no matter the timber’s grain direction i.e vertically or horizontally.
  • Secondary and main beams, and also secondary beam support.
  • Furthermore: Bolt, Hall and Façade construction.
  • Also conservatories.


  • For significantly quick and simple connections.
  • Made up of two identical parts that can be slid inside each other smoothly without restraint, which is a great advantage during installation work.
  • The fixing screw that is used forms these two parts of the Atlas wood connector into a hook connector and at the same time is security against unintentional loosening of the connector.
  • Can also be statically loaded in four directions with high tested values.
  • Installation can therefore be both visible (for shadow-groove connections) and hidden (milled recess).

If you would like more information on these products, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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