Sabre Saw Blades

Sabre Saw Blades can cut through a large range of materials, depending on the choice of blade. This includes timber, aerated concrete blocks, steel pipes, nails and screws. Although their main purpose is sawing, they frequently find use as demolition tools as they can cut through hard materials quickly and easily. They move back and forth like a hand saw, and are for electric hand-held tools known as reciprocating saws. Available in many sizes, shapes and styles, and varying in the number of teeth to suit different materials. Cutting knives with fewer teeth per inch are ideal for rough cuts in wood or fast cutting. Whereas more teeth is preferable for cuts in metal as they produce smoother and finer cuts. These are available to buy from Swiftfix in the brands MPS and also DART.

Sabre Saw Blades

Sabre Saw Blades Available:

210mm x 5TPI DART CV S1531L130mm x 6TPI DART CV S644D210mm x 3TPI DART CV S1111K300mm x 6TPI MPS 4010 CV S1344D
230mm x 3TPI MPS 4022 CV S1111K150mm x 6TPI MPS 4011 CV S644D300mm x 6TPI MPS 4015 CV S1411DF150mm x 10TPI MPS 4430 BIM S922HF
150mm x 10-14TPI MPS 4430 VP BIM S922VF200mm x 10TPI MPS 4431 BIM S1022HF200mm x 10-14TPI MPS 4431 VP BIM S1122VF300mm x 10TPI MPS 4432 BIM S1122VF
225mm x 10TPI MPS 4434 BIM S1122HF225mm x 10-14TPI MPS 4431 VP BIM S1122VF230mm x 10TPI MPS 4437 BIM 9514R300mm x 13TPI MPS BIM S1025BF
150mm x 10-14TPI MPS 4440VP BIM S925VF230mm x 4TPI MPS 4055 CV S1542K300mm x 10TPI MPS 4061 CV S1211K100mm x 25TPI MPS 4403 BIM S522AF
150mm x 14TPI MPS BIM S1122AF100mm x 14TPI MPS 4410 BIM S522BF150mm x 14TPI MPS 4411 BIM S922BF150mm x 10TPI MPS 4413 BIM S9326CHF
100mm x 18TPI MPS 4400 BIM S522EF150mm x 6TPI MPS 4442 BIM S610DF300mm x 10-14TPI MPS 4442VP BIM S1225VF230mm x 6TPI MPS 4444 BIM S1110DF
300mm x 10-14TPI MPS 4444VP BIM S1125VF230mm x 8TPI MPS BIM S1120CF200mm x 6-12TPI MPS 4447 BIM S3456XF300mm x 10TPI MPS BIM S1226CHF
150mm x 14TPI MPS BIM S123XF225mm x 6TPI MPS 4017 BIM S1111DF300mm x 3TPI MPS 4020 CV S1617K150mm x 3TPI MPS 4021 CV S617K
150mm x 10TPI MPS 4041 CV S811H200mm x 6-10TPI MPS CV S2345X230mm x 4-5TPI MPS 4052 CV S1531L150mm x 10TPI MPS 4702-2 TRI Multicutter
150mm x 6TPI MPS 4703-2 TRI Multicutter200mm x 10TPI MPS 4704-2 TRI Multicutter200mm x 6TPI MPS 4705-2 TRI Multicutter250mm x 6TPI MPS 4706-2 TRI Multicutter

​For more information on these products please contact the Swiftfix team.