Paneltwistec Ornamental Head

Façade and cladding screws – Eurotec Paneltwistec Ornamental head A4 316 Stainless steel .

Premium A4 316 stainless for ultimate corrosion resistance. Suitable for high tannin woods such as red cedar, green oak or coastal environments.

Paneltwistec A4 Ornamental Head

Available sizes;

3.2 x 25mm,  3.2 x 30mm,  3.2 x 35mm,  3.2 x 40mm,  3.2 x 50mm,

With a very sharp cut point there is no need for pre drilling. The head is very small only 5.1mm across is almost like a nail and has a Torx TX10 drive so can be removed for remedial work if required.

A range of facade and cladding items are available to buy online.

Paneltwistec Ornamental Head Facade and cladding screws.

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