Swiftfix supply one of the largest selection of screws in the UK. With vast stocks at our Southampton warehouse we provide a fast delivery all over the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. Please select the titles below to learn more about the range we offer.

Stainless SteelHapatec
Flange Hardened Stainless SteelTerrassotec
Eurotec Terrassotec wood screws for decking and facades
Countersunk SlottedRound Slotted
Countersunk Slotted
Coach ScrewsCountersunk Construction
DistanceFlange Hardened Stainless Steel
Distance Screws
Tek HexCountersunk Tek
DrywallTimber Frame
KKFHeco Topix
Heco Topix
Din 95Combi Connect
Pozi WoodLandscape
Index Screws A4 stainless steel
Timber Tools
Self TappersHeco Flange
Heco Topix
KKTPan Head
Rothoblaas KKT Screws
Angle BracketFlooring
Angle Bracket screwsFlooring screws drill point stainless steel
CladdingShallow Pan
Self drill countersunk stainless steelLow pan head screws

For additional products and more information, please select the appropriate item below

Stainless Steel – Wood – Chipboard – DrywallTek DeckingCoachSolar PanelSecurity – Collated –

Self TappingLandscapeTimber FramePaneltwistec Heco Schrauben – Drive – KonstruX

Window FrameDecorative HeadIndex

If you would like more information on these products, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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