Washers are used in conjunction with screw fastener such as bolt and nut. Their core purpose it to prevent the bolt from loosening. Or distribute the the load from the nut or bolt head over a larger area. Additionally, it also prevents the fastener from damaging the surface material. At Swiftfix we supply a larger range of different washer varieties, and are available to buy in-store and online. For more information on the varieties we offer, please select the appropriate linked item header below.


Washers Available:

FlatSquare PlateDTI
Flat Form A WashersDTI Load Indicating washer
Chamfered EdgeConicalCrinkle
SealingCurvedRed Fibre
CupTabPaired Locking
Timber ConnectorsNylon

Washer Descriptions

Flat – increases the size of the screw’s bearing area to reduce surface pressure.

Square Plate – for a larger load distribution and bolting into timber or a wall.

DTI – used on a hex assembly and are also used to ensure proper tension on bolts.

Spring – provide a spring force and absorb shock by providing an axial load that counters vibrations.

Shakeproof – a type of anti-vibration locking piece, with ‘teeth’ which lock onto a bolts head and also the work surface.

Taper – for channel sections, underneath nuts with taper flanges to enable the bolt assembly to fit square/level when tightened and fastened.

Chamfered Edge – Stops the bolt head or nut embedding into the material being clamped or deforming when under load, and instead distributing the force onto the material over a wider area.

Conical – Ideal in conditions of high current loading or cycling. Largely absorb vibration and also maintain preload in bolted joints, indicating correct preload based on the gap between adjacent washers.

Crinkle – for pre-loading and spacing, to improve the number of points of contacts and provide increased stability.

Sealing – for sealing out water, oil, dust, solvents and other materials or contaminants.

Curved – apply light pressure to its mating part to resist loosening of machine components caused by vibration.

Red Fibre – primarily for plumbing and water applications to prevent leakages.

Cup – used with countersunk self-tapping screws for centering washers, assembly housings, end caps, anti-tampering and more. They are a type of spring washer that gives a smooth finish.

Tab – a mechanical locking solution that secures bolted joints using a physical barrier.

Paired Locking – vibration resistant thanks to the locking mechanism created by their serrated surface.

Timber Connectors – load transferring devices which rely on bolts or lag screws to restrain the joint assembly. More structurally efficient, distributing a larger load area.

Nylon – have a significantly good wear resistance and low-friction properties, and stands up to most harsh corrosive substances. They are also excellent as electrical and thermal insulators.

If you would like more information on these products, then please contact the Swiftfix team.