KonstruX Timber Construction Screws

KonstruX Timber Construction Screws are high strength fully threaded timber construction screws up to 1000mm long. The KonstruX screws are used in timber frame engineering a user friendly ECS calculation software package can be downloaded free of charge. This software allows pre-calculations of main and secondary beam connections, joist doubling and reinforcements of supports. A verifiable calculation aid in accordance with EN 1995 (Eurocode 5) and DIN 1052.

CountersunkCylinder Head
Konstrux screws
A4 Stainless Steel11.3mm AG Tip
A4 KonstruX screws CountersunkKonstrux Senkkopf AG

Product Data Sheet

One system for all connections in wood element construction, prefabricated house construction, hall construction, carpentry and more. No pilot-drilling, just screws. One system for all connections in wood construction.

If you would like more information on KonstruX Timber Construction Screws, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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