Socket Screws

Socket Screws are fasteners that have a hexagonal shaped internal drive in the head that requires an Allen Key to tighten and remove it. This design is especially beneficial when working in a tight and confined space. These fixings’ tip is generally squared off, and tend to be the more popular choice for many common applications. Their design boasts the increased performance features of common hex fasteners, with the convenience of a standard format screw.

Allen Key Socket Screws

Socket Screws Available:

Socket Sets/Grub Screws A4Socket Button HeadSocket Flange Button Head
Socket Screws
Socket button security screws
Socket ShoulderSocket Countersunk Din 7991Socket Caps
Socket ScrewsSocket Screws

These fixings are the preferred option in many applications. Mostly due to their higher torque and clamping force compared to that of a regular screw. As a result of their greater clamping force, less are needed to achieve the same as using many screws. This reduces hardware costs, the amount of drilled holes required saving time and reducing potential damage, as well as lowering the weight of the finished product.

If you would like more information on these products, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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