Ratchet Beam Clamp Framing Timber Beam Grip & Puller

Ratchet Beam Clamp Framing Timber Beam Grip & Puller (Balkenzug) – available in screw in or hammer in versions.

The Beam Puller Balkenzug is an indispensable aid for carpenters. Whether you want to align a roof truss or carry out other carpentry work, the beam grip allows you to prestress timber quickly and easily.

For fixing heavy joists and Beams together, Glulam or standard Timber – makes the job easier for carpenters and saves the fingers.

Ratchet Beam Clamps

Hammer In – Beam GripScrew In – Slab Grip
Beam PullerTimber Clamp
Framing Ratchet
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Here is an overview of the Beam Clamp’s advantages:


  • Beam grip = less force required.
  • Drop forged hooks.
  • No risk of splitting while driving in.
  • High-quality lead screw.
  • The Clamp has an ergonomic rubber handle.
  • 320 mm Ratchet length for optimum load transmission.
  • Double-sided handling thanks to clockwise/anticlockwise selector.

Tap the claws into each Timber and Clamp together.

Screw In:

  • Boss plate rotates through 360 degrees.
  • Maximum span of 700mm.
  • There are 8 attachment points per boss plate.
  • Suitable for hard to reach locations such as roof slopes and other angles areas.
  • Suitable for timber types that are at or have an increased risk of cracking or splintering.
  • Allows corner joints to be drawn together.

Accessories and Other Timber Tools

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Framing RatchetLifting Eyes
Beam PullerLifting Eyes
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IdeefixTorx Drive Bits
Ideefix hidden connector

For more information on these Ratchet Beam Clamp Framing Grips and Pullers please contact the Swiftfix team.

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