Shallow Pan Head Screws

Shallow Pan Head Screws Din Standard 9083, are available in A4 316 marine grade and A2 stainless steel, and are ideal for use in wood and plastics. The domed head style also known as a button head are perfect for a nice decorative finish. Suitable for hinges and any other applications where the aesthetics is important.

Shallow Pan Head screws A4

Shallow Pan Head Screws – A4 Sizes Available

6.0mm x 20mm6.0mm x 25mm6.0mm x 30mm6.0mm x 35mm
6.0mm x 40mm6.0mm x 45mm6.0mm x 50mm6.0mm x 60mm
7.0mm x 30mm7.0mm x 35mm7.0mm x 40mm7.0mm x 50mm
7.0mm x 60mm7.0mm x 70mm

Shallow Pan – A2 Sizes Available

6.0mm x 25mm6.0mm x 30mm

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