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Nuts in Steel, Stainless, Galvanised etc.

All types of Metal Nuts Swiftfix in Southampton supply a vast range of threaded nuts. Full Nuts, Dome Nuts, Nyloc Nuts, Flange Nuts, Shear Nuts, Coupler Nuts, Pal Nuts, Square Nuts, Wing Nuts, 2H Nuts. Supplied in many finishes and materials including Stainless Steel, Steel, Brass. Zinc, Galvanised, Sheradised etc

full_nut_a2 Din-1587 Nyloc%20Nut%20Type%20T%20A2
serrated_flange_nut shear_nuts Stainless-Steel-A2-304-Din-6334-Connector-Nuts
Stainless-Steel-A2-304-Din-7967-Pal-Counter-Nuts Stainless-Steel-Din-557-Square-Nuts wing_nut_a2



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