Drop In Anchors

Drop In Anchors are a steel driven expansion anchor, suited to heavy duty fastenings on solid supports. They are most ideal for creating a permanent fixture into concrete. You incorporate them by dropping them into a hole in the surface you want to fix an item to, and driving into them with a setting tool. Their small dimensions make it suitable for use in concrete supports with narrow thicknesses. Installing in proximity to free edges and areas with reduced spacing is easier to do by using them. Best suited for solid supports such as stone, concrete, solid bricks.

Drop In Anchor

Drop In Anchors Available:

M6 x 25M8 x 30M10 x 40
M12 x 50M16 x 65M10 (13mm Drill) Screw In

More Information

  • Anchor expansion is effected by the percussion of the internal steel cone, so it is independent from the screw tightening.
  • BETA is suitable for fixings that required a wall threaded insertion to fix threaded studs, eyebolts, screws or hooks.
  • It’s ideal to hook threaded studs to concrete ceilings for thermo-hydraulic plants, hanging pipes, cables-holder.
Drop In Anchor

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