Heavy Duty Safety Anchor Fixings

Heavy Duty Safety Anchor

Design of SafetyPlus allows for easy through fixing. The integral controlled collapse and anti-rotation feature ensures fixture is firmly secured. It has a unique zig-zag feature that provides balanced expansion, ensuring secure setting and maximised load-bearing capacity. Including a case-hardened nut with optimum taper angle for enhanced expansion.


Nut Type Safety AnchorsHex Head Safety AnchorsCountersunk Safety Anchors

Range of Anchor Fixings & Accessories

Countersunk Safety AnchorHeavy Duty Safety AnchorThroughbolt Concrete AnchorsConcrete Frame Screws

Heavy Duty Safety Anchors

throughbolts concrete anchor

Sleeve AnchorsResin AnchorsExpanding AnchorsScrew-In Anchors
Sleeve AnchorsResin AnchorsExpanding AnchorsScrew In Anchors
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Nylon PlugsInsulation FixingsDrop In Hammerset AnchorsNylon Frame Fixings

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