Concrete Screws

Concrete screws for masonry – a self cutting fixing available in extra long lengths. For fixing insulation and fitting door and window frames, without the need for plugs. Simply drill a 6.2mm hole with a masonry drill and screw in with a torx drive. These screws are perfect for UPVC and wooden window and door frames. With a diameter of 7.5mm, these screws start from 42mm and go up to 402mm in length.

Cylinder head version is available on request.

Concrete Screws – Available Sizes

7.5 x 42mm7.5 x 52mm7.5 x 62mm7.5 x 72mm
7.5 x 82mm7.5 x 92mm7.5 x 102mm7.5 x 112mm
7.5 x 122mm7.5 x 132mm7.5 x 152mm7.5 x 182mm
7.5 x 212mm7.5 x 232mm7.5 x 252mm7.5 x 272mm
7.5 x 302mm7.5 x 342mm7.5 x 372mm7.5 x 402mm

Please check the data sheet for information on imbedment depths.

  • Pilot-drill the frame to Ø 6.2 mm; insert and align window.
  • Pilot-drill the anchoring surface to Ø 6.0 mm; screw in concrete frame screws.

We also sell a similar fixing called the Blue Power Screws also available from stock;

For more information on these products please contact the Swiftfix team.

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