Plasterboard Fixings

Plasterboard Fixings are made to work with drywall to create a secure and long-lasting fastening. Drywall, cavity, and plasterboard walls are too brittle for standard screws. When needing to install shelves, cabinets and radiators, or hang mirrors and picture frames, you’ll need specialist fasteners to help bear the load. These anchors are strong enough to support the weight, and are quick and easy to install. There are a variety of types, sizes, and materials available that are suited to commercial and domestic use. For more information on the products available, please select the appropriate item below which will take you to our online shop.

Plasterboard Fixings

Plasterboard Fixings Available:

Duck FootNylon PlugsTAP-IT Hammer-In Fixings
Plasterboard FixingsPlasterboard Fixings
AnkernutPlastic TogglesRosett Fixing
Plasterboard Fixings
Spring TogglesMetalHollow Wall Anchor
Plasterboard FixingsPlasterboard Fixings

More Information

Duckfoot: top quality and easy to install, ensuring an optimum hold of up to 50kg in shear load.

TAP-IT: for light weights, their corrugated tip simplifies installation without drilling, while being easy to uninstall.

Ankernut: synthetic rubber sleeve (EPDM) with a brass threaded insert suitable for use in hollow materials and occasional use in solid materials.

Plastic Toggles: for use in in both cavity and solid materials.

Rosett Fixing: for use in board dimensions of 3-30mm requiring improved loads.

Spring Toggles: for use in boards of various thicknesses and with thick attachments, offering maximum flexibility.

Metal Fasteners: for fastening light to medium loads.

Hollow Wall Anchor: ideal for hanging radiators, brackets, hand rails and also shelving units.

Corefix: to safely secure significantly heavy loads to dot and dab walls or board supported on battens. 

For more information on these products, please contact our Swiftfix team.

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