Ceramic and Porcelain Drill Bits

Ceramic and Porcelain Drill Bits are for use when a job requires drilling into tiles and similar materials. Their design reduces the chance of cracks and chips occurring whilst in use. The sharp tip ensures precision and accuracy, leaving a clean and professional result every time. These bits are versatile and have use in a variety of applications, from installing accessories, and mounting shelves in your bathroom. These are the perfect solution for the toughest tiles, with a patented centring tip allowing precise placement and exact holes. They have universal application due to the use in all standard drills. No cooling is necessary, allowing for easier handling. On the Alpen Keramo Extreme, the white ring around the base of the head shows the ideal drilling depth. At Swiftfix, we stock these products in mostly Alpen brand but also in Heller. Available in-store and online.

Ceramic and Porcelain Drill Bits

Ceramic and Porcelain Drill Bits Available:

Alpen 6.0mm Keramo ExtremeAlpen 8.0mm Keramo ExtremeAlpen 10mm Keramo Extreme
Alpen 6.0mm Keramo Extreme Bit SetAlpen 8.0mm Keramo Extreme Bit SetAlpen 10mm Keramo Extreme Bit Set
Heller 6.0mm x 70mm 3900 Ceramic Master 1/4 Shank

Product Data Sheet – Alpen Keramo Extreme

Operating with Alpen Keramo Extreme:

Spindle speed is best at 200rpm, but is it possible at 400rpm but service life will decrease by 7-9%. 600rpm is not great for this drill bit and will significantly wear the bit.

Optimum feed pressure is 35-45kg. Drilling test holes is preferable.

Avoid full feed pressure on the drill bit when the drill is not operating. Also avoid tilt and swivel motions during drilling operation. There is a greater risk of breakage.

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