Nylon & Plastic Plugs

Nylon & Plastic Plugs are available in a range of diameters and lengths in both material here at Swiftfix. Using a plug and a screw is the most commonly used method of securing an item to a brick, concrete, hollow block, and other structural building materials. The screw is inserted into the plug and tightened to expand in the base material. They ensure fixings are secure and firmly anchored into place.

Nylon & Plastic Plugs

Available Nylon & Plastic Plugs

Nylon PlugsPlastic Plugs
Nylon & Plastic Plugs

Nylon Vs. Plastic

Plastic Plugs are made up of materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and dozens of others.

Nylon is a form of plastic of the polyamide family, making it an extremely strong material that meets safety requirements and does not deteriorate over time. When exposed to the elements it offers, on average, a 50% higher holding force than their plastic counterparts.

Material density is the biggest differentiation between the two. Plastic has a lower density than water making it float, whereas Nylon sinks. This is important in understanding how density effects the strength of a product, the denser the material the stronger and more sustainable it is over time. They are capable of handling high loads due to the high mechanical strength, expansion force, reduced friction and stiffness of the polyamide. Also, it can withstand far more heat than plastic. They will not deform from the heat produced by friction when screws are driven into a wall. Polyamide fixing elements are resistant to various weathering conditions – natural ageing, rust, rot, and various chemical substances.

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