Composite Decking T-Stick

Composite Decking T-Stick for hidden fastening of deck boards. The T-Stick is inserted between two wood boards and fastened in the board groove with a steel plate. Resulting in an attractive wood surface without visible screw heads. The board clearance is maintained automatically by the T-Stick, and is available with either an A2 or A4 Stainless Steel Plate.


The clearance of 9 mm to the substructure enables good ventilation, and this prevents water-logging. The service life is therefore affected positively. If Eurotec‘s laying specifications are complied with, the Composite T-Stick enables the boards to be adjusted easily before they are screwed down firmly. After screwing, the boards are absolutely firm. If a board has to be replaced, the system makes this possible even after the deck has been completed.

Advantages of the T-Stick:

  • Boards can be replaced easily even after the deck has been completed.
  • Realigning individual deck boards is possible at any time.
  • When they are fixed, the boards have a safe and firm seat.

Subsequently, only suitable for dimensionally stable timbers and WPC.

If you would like more information on Composite Decking T-Stick, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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