Stainless Steel Wood Screws

Stainless Steel Wood Screws – At Swiftfix we have a large selection of available wood screws. With all types of head styles, various tip formats, different drives and massive size range we have a stainless screw for every application.

Stainless Steel Wood Screws

Cut PointPlain Point
Raised CountersunkFlange Head
Din-7995-Stainless-Steel-WoodscrewsFlange Head Wood Screws Stainless Steel
Countersunk SlottedRound Slotted
Quad CutRound Pozi
Hapatec St.St.Hapatec A4
Terrassotec Double ThreadKKF
Terrassotec ScrewsKKF
Mammutec A4Terrace
Mammutec A4 screwsStainless-Steel-A4-TBS-Terrace-Screws-Cylinder-Head
Hobotec-wood-screws-110287Floorfix decking screws
Trim HeadPaneltwistec
Trim Head ScrewsEurotec-PT-AG-blue-Tellerkopf
IndexHex Self Drill
Index Screws A4 stainless steelSelf-Drilling-Screws-Stainless-Steel
Thin TeksTerrassotec Single Thread
Self-Drilling-Screws-Stainless-Steel-Thin-SheetEurotec Terrassotec wood screws for decking and facades

A4 stainless steel is known as a marine grade of stainless steel. It has an increased resistance in outdoor environments and to harsh chemicals. This is because it had a slightly higher chrome and molybdenum content than A2. A4 is generally more expensive than A2. But in the long run can be more cost-effective due to the lack of maintenance or replacement required.

A2 stainless steel has a high hardness level providing corrosion and oxidation resistance, with a good prevention of wear and tear. It does not rust, however, unlike A4 it cannot come into contact with salt so is not suitable for marine work like A4 is.

Hardened stainless steel has been treated with heat or chemicals to make it harder and more resistant to wear and tear. This type of steel is typically used for tools and machinery that are subject to high levels of wear and tear, such as axes, knives, and saws.

If there is a stainless steel screw or fixing not shown please contact us as we probably can supply it. We at Swiftfix are always adding to the range so products we stock might not all be displayed.

For more information on these products please contact the Swiftfix team.

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    1. Hi Stephen
      we have 5.0mm x 60mm countersunk torx drive A4 in stock
      no 5.0mm x 120 but have 6.0mm x 120mm in stock.
      Is torx drive ok and how many do you need.

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