Distance Strips

Eurotec Distance Strips made from hard plastic for visible fastening of deck boards, prolonging the life of wooden decks due to climatic conditions. Deck substructures made of wood is individually suitable for fastening the deck boards with visible or invisible fasteners. The Dista strip 2.0 can be also be of use for visible fastening of decking boards. It acts as a spacer and overall provides freedom of movement of 7mm between the panel and the substructure. At the same time, it is promoting the air circulation underneath the deck by the distance strip to prevent rotting. Normal wood screws, such as Terrassotec are for installation.

Distance Strips

Distance Strip 2.0 (30mm x 700mm x 7mm)4251314744975

Product Data Sheet

By using this product you are significantly preventing the shearing of the screws. This is usually a result of swelling and shrinking of the wood the so-called working of the wood. The warping of the wood is particularly noticeable in the boards’ transverse direction. For this reason the screw can break off under strain, aka shearing.

Important: overall, pilot drilling must always be carried out where hardwood/tropical woods are used.

This product does not include the screws.

Eurotec Terrassotec wood screws for decking and facades

If you would like more information on this product, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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