Heco Combi-Connect Screws

Heco Combi-Connect Screws are available at Swiftfix in a variety of diameters and lengths to fit to your required needs. These fixings are developing as a timber fastener for the transmission of high tensile and compressive forces. Designed for structural timber construction applications, they feature two major advantages. Firstly, it is composing of two threads with different pitches, having the effect of pulling the two components together. Secondly, the combination of screw point and cheese head design facilitates extremely tight spacing without splitting the wood. They can be used in both as a fastener for new builds or for strengthening existing timber constructions.

Heco Combi-Connect Screws

Heco Combi-Connect Screws Available:

6.5mm x 100mm6.5mm x 130mm6.5mm x 150mm6.5mm x 190mm
6.5mm x 215mm8.5mm x 100mm8.5mm x 150mm8.5mm x 190mm
8.5mm x 215mm8.5mm x 250mm8.5mm x 270mm8.5mm x 300mm
8.5mm x 350mm8.5mm x 400mm

Product Data Sheet

With this fixing you have available a power screw for the most varied range of applications:

  • Transverse butt joints.
  • Doubling up of weak wooden joints.
  • Reinforcement of weak joints in the cross section of classic timber joints.
  • Rafter-purlin joints,
  • Transmission of considerable compressive forces.
  • Clamping effect, the structure is pulled together by up to 5mm.

If you would like more information on these products, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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