SDS Max Drill Bits

SDS Max Drill Bits have an increased capability for tougher masonry work, withstanding more torque and force. They have carbide-tipped bits for drilling holes in concrete, brick or block base material. They will have an 18mm shank, opposed to the 10mm with a SDS Plus, and have much longer lengths for deeper embedment. Overall, they are capable of more demanding, deeper drilling applications. Their torsional strength allows them to be of use at higher speeds whilst maintaining its force without breaking. Encountering resistance whilst drilling into concrete is inevitable, due to rebar and aggregate. So having a higher torque with better force saves lots of time. As a versatile drill bit, these can be of use when a larger stud needs embedding deep or when drilling through thicker substrates. I.e. drilling through a wall for a conduit or wiring. At Swiftfix we sell these in brands Heller and Alpen, in a variety of sizes.

SDS Max Drill Bits

SDS Max Drill Bits Available:

Heller Tri Cut Enduro up to 16mm DiameterHeller Y Cut Ergo 18mm-50mm DiameterAlpen SDS Max Hammer Drill Bits
SDS Max Drill BitsSDS Max Drill BitsSDS Max Drill Bits

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