Blind Bolts For Steel

Blind Bolts For Steel are constructional cavity fixings that are for horizontal or vertical uses. In the majority of uses, removing them for maintenance is possible. These fixings have been successful on railways, major building refurbishments, bridges, inland and coastal waterways. They do not require any special tools or over size holes, making them simple and easy to use. Just drill, rotate and tighten. They are the ideal choice when working at height or where access is restricted. Available in a wide range of sizes from M8 to M24 in diameter, with a choice of finishes, Zinc and Yellow passivated, Geomet and Stainless Steel. Buy them from Swiftfix online and in-store.

Blind Bolts For Steel

Blind Bolts For Steel Available:

12mm x 70mm12mm x 120mm12mm x 180mm
16mm x 90mm16mm x 130mm16mm x 180mm

For more information on these products, please contact our Swiftfix team.

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