Forstner Bits Counterbores

Forstner Bits or counterbores a hole boring drill bit for wood.

In sizes available from 8mm right up to 130mm in diameter.

Forstner bits can be used in a multitude of woodworking tasks. For fine detailing work in joinery and often used by carpenters for sinking screw heads and covering with plugs.

Also used in marine applications for heavy timber works such as harbours and sea defences and all types of timber or for big railway construction works.

Wood cutting tools for boring holes in wood including solid timber, plywood and boards etc.

Brands available from stock include forstners Bits made by Famag, Fisch and Heller Tools.

Famag Bormax 1622 Forstner Bits
Famag 1622 Bormax Forstner Bits

Famag 1664 TCT Forstner bit
Famag 1664 TCT Forstner bit Up to 50mm
Famag 1662 TCT Counterbore
Tungsten Carbide Tipped Counterbores
Forstner Bit Depth Stops
Depth Stops for Forstner Bits

Plug Cutters
Plug Cutters

Forstner bits and counterbores can be purchased through the online store.

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