Chemical Fixings

Chemical Fixings are types of bolts, anchors, and steel studs for bonding to masonry and concrete. This is through combining them with a resin based adhesive for high load applications. This works through a two-part adhesive structure consisting of mixing a resin and hardener before applying. When using them, it is important to ensure compatibility is certain to ensure the resin and substrate material will bond. Once this is correct, injecting the resin into the hole the bolt will be fixing into is first. Next you will be screwing the bolt into the hole, and then you will leave it to set. Once cured, this fixing will provide a high strength anchor point to attach a load. Please select the appropriate linked product below for more information on individual items, availability, and our online shop.

Chemical Fixings

Chemical Fixings Available:

Resin StudsResin TubesInternal Threaded Resin Sockets
Chemical FixingsChemical FixingsChemical Fixings
Resin CapsulesResin SleevesResin Accessories


• Provide a high strength anchorage for any fixing.

• Large range of bolt sizes.

• Fast curing time.

• Easy to mount and maintain.

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