DTI Washers

Direct tension indicators a special washer with raised nibs that are used to measure the tightening torque on a bolt, nut and washer assembly.

When the bolt and nut is tightened the nibs compress and a feeler guage is used to determine the required torque.

Also referred to as load indicating washers and HSFG washers they conform to EN14399-9 and be supplied in galvanised, sheradised or a self colour finish.

The main use is with EN14399 Pre loaded assembly bolts or HSFG high strength friction grip bolts and nuts.

DTI Washers


Questions often asked about DTI washers.

What washers are used with HSFG bolts – DTI direct tension indicators or load indicating washers.

What are DTI washers –

  • What washers are used with HSFG bolts? – DTI direct tension indicators or load indicating washers.
  • What are DTI washers? – Steel washers with dimples or nibs that compress when tightened to the required torque.
  • What standard are DTIs made to? – Manufactured in accordance with EN14399-9
  • What is a load indicating washer? – This is the old name for DTI washers but essentially the same.
  • What finish do load indicators come in? – Commonly used in an oiled self coloured finish that can be left to rust without the risk of losing performance. Also available in sherdaised or a galvanised coating.
  • Where are DTI washers used? – Commonly used where there may be vibration or a greater loads where the torque needs to be accurate. Examples are sturctural steelwork, railway bridges, roof steels.

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