Solar Panel Screws

Solar Panel Wafer Head Stainless Steel Wood Screws with a T-Star Torx drive can be used within the solar industry or as decorative head landscape fixings. With the help of the large head, it increases holding capacity which is ideal for fixing solar panels into timber rafters on the roof where forces are greater. In A2 stainless Steel.

Flange Head Wood Screws Stainless Steel

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Solar Panel Screws4.0mm Diameter

4.0mm x 25mm4.0mm x 30mm4.0mm x 35mm4.0mm x 40mm
4.0mm x 45mm4.0mm x 50mm4.0mm x 55mm4.0mm x 60mm
4.0mm x 65mm4.0mm x 70mm4.0mm x 80mm

Solar Panel Screws4.5mm Diameter

4.5mm x 20mm4.5mm x 25mm4.5mm x 30mm4.5mm x 35mm
4.5mm x 40mm4.5mm x 45mm4.5mm x 50mm4.5mm x 55mm
4.5mm x 60mm4.5mm x 65mm4.5mm x 70mm4.5mm x 80mm
4.5mm x 90mm

Solar Panel Screws5.0mm Diameter

5.0mm x 25mm5.0mm x 30mm5.0mm x 35mm5.0mm x 40mm
5.0mm x 45mm5.0mm x 50mm5.0mm x 55mm5.0mm x 60mm
5.0mm x 65mm5.0mm x 70mm5.0mm x 80mm5.0mm x 90mm
5.0mm x 100mm5.0mm x 120mm

Solar Panel Screws6.0mm Diameter

6.0mm x 50mm6.0mm x 60mm6.0mm x 70mm6.0mm x 80mm
6.0mm x 100mm6.0mm x 120mm6.0mm x 140mm6.0mm x 160mm

Solar Panel Screws8.0mm Diameter

8.0mm x 30mm8.0mm x 50mm8.0mm x 60mm8.0mm x 70mm
8.0mm x 80mm8.0mm x 100mm8.0mm x 120mm8.0mm x 140mm
8.0mm x 160mm8.0mm x 180mm8.0mm x 200mm8.0mm x 220mm
8.0mm x 240mm8.0mm x 250mm8.0mm x 300mm8.0mm x 350mm
8.0mm x 360mm8.0mm x 400mm

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2 thoughts on “Solar Panel Screws

  1. Hi, can You sendan offer for 8mmx160mm Solar Panel Flange Head Stainless Steel Screws 200pcs.
    Material: Marine grade A4 316 stainless steel


    1. Hi Andris

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      We only offer these in A2 or Hardened stainless would these be of interest.

      Best regards


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