Concrete Window Frame Screws

Concrete Window Frame Screws are self drilling fixings for use on UPVC and wooden window frames, door frames and more. No plugs required, you just need to drill a 6.2mm hole with a masonry drill and screw in with a torx drive. Available from Swiftfix in diameter 7.5mm with lengths starting at 40mm and going up to 402mm. They come in either case hardened steel or zinc and yellow. Cylinder head is also available upon request.

Concrete Window Frame Screws Available:

Case Hardened Steel – Eurotec

7.5mm x 42mm7.5mm x 52mm7.5mm x 62mm7.5mm x 72mm
7.5mm x 82mm7.5mm x 92mm7.5mm x 102mm7.5mm x 112mm
7.5mm x 122mm7.5mm x 132mm7.5mm x 152mm7.5mm x 182mm
7.5mm x 212mm7.5mm x 232mm7.5mm x 252mm7.5mm x 272mm
7.5mm x 302mm7.5mm x 342mm7.5mm x 372mm7.5mm x 402mm

Zinc and Yellow – Evolution

7.5mm x 40mm7.5mm x 50mm7.5mm x 60mm7.5mm x 62mm
7.5mm x 70mm7.5mm x 72mm7.5mm x 80mm7.5mm x 82mm
7.5mm x 90mm7.5mm x 92mm7.5mm x 100mm7.5mm x 102mm
7.5mm x 110mm7.5mm x 112mm7.5mm x 120mm7.5mm x 122mm
7.5mm x 130mm7.5mm x 132mm7.5mm x 150mm7.5mm x 152mm
7.5mm x 162mm7.5mm x 180mm7.5mm x 182mm7.5mm x 200mm
7.5mm x 202mm7.5mm x 212mm

Also Available – Eurotec Blue Power:

For fastening timber substructures to concrete or brickwork. For more information, click here.

Concrete Insulation Screws
7.4mm x 180mm7.4mm x 200mm7.4mm x 220mm
7.4mm x 240mm7.4mm x 260mm7.4mm x 280mm
7.4mm x 300mm7.4mm x 320mm7.4mm x 340mm
7.5mm x 360mm

If you would like more information on these products, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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