Socket Countersunk Bolts Din 7991

Socket Countersunk Bolts to Din 7991 in grade 8.8 and 10.9 available in self colour, zinc plated and galvanised.

Din 7991 Socket Countersunk
Socket Countersunk Din 7991
FinishHead DiameterThread LengthDin Standard
Self ColourM3 up to M248.0mm up to 160mm7991
Zinc PlatedM3 up to M248.0mm up to 100mm7991
GalvanisedM820.0mm up to 120mm7991
Availability of Socket Countersunk Bolts

Those socket countersunk bolts in Grade 8.8 are in structural high-tensile strength bolt and plates in in a variety of resistant coatings. Those in grade 10.9 have a higher high-tensile strength of 1040 MPa, typically made from boron or carbon steel.

Access and check out our stock availability through the link here.

We also supply socket countersunk bolts din 7991 in both A2 and A4 marine grade stainless steel.

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