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Hobotec Small Headed Wood Screws

Hobotec wood screws from Eurotec in Germany.

The Hobotec has a small decorative head and a self drilling point.

Available in Stainless Steel and Steel with a brass or zinc coating (3.2mm only)


3.2 x 25mm

3.2mm x 25mm

3.2mm x 30mm

3.2mm x 35mm

3.2mm x 40mm

3.2mm x 50mm

3.2mm x 60mm

4.0mm x 40mm

4.0mm x 45mm

4.0mm x 50mm

4.0mm x 60mm

4.0mm x 70mm

4.5mm x 40mm

4.5mm x 45mm

4.5mm x 50mm

4.5mm x 60mm

4.5mm x 70mm

4.5mm x 80mm

5.0mm x 50mm

5.0mm x 60mm

5.0mm x 70mm

5.0mm x 80mm

5.0mm x 90mm

5.0mm x 100mm


Application range for screws made of hardened stainless steel:
This steel combines the best properties of carbon and stainless steels.
Conditionally rust-resistant like an A2 with the high mechanical values of a
galvanised steel. Hardened stainless steel is not acid-resistant, which is why it is
also not suitable for fastening wood containing tanning agents (eg oak).
• Hardened stainless steel can be magnetised.
• Stainless steel in accordance with DIN 10088
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