Eurotec Screws and Components

Eurotec in Germany manufacture a large range of specialist screws and components.

Known for their high quality products they are now available to buy in the Uk from Swiftfix

in Southampton. Please contact our sales office for more information and pricing.

Telephone 023 80 446644  Fax 023 80 448444 email

Paneltwistec PT1000 Flange Head
Paneltwistec Flange
Konstrux screwsKonstruxPaneltwistec PT1000 Countersunk Paneltwistec CSK
Top Duo Wood Screws
Top Duo
Sawtec Wood Screws
Concrete Insulation ScrewsBlue PowerJustitec Screws
Paneltwistec A4 Ornamental HeadHapatec
Terrassotec Dual Thread Screws A4 Stainless SteelTerrassotecOrnamental Head Screws Paneltwistec A4 Stainless Steel
A4 Ornamental
Terrasotec Single Thread Wood Screws Hardened Stainless SteelTerrassotec
Hobotec Hardened Stainless Steel ScrewsHobotecMammutec A4 Stainless Steel Wood ScrewsMamutecThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Terrrasso-C905809-EIMER_Tri-Deck_Tec_Holzkohle.jpgTerrasso
Pedix 300PedixPremium-Decking-Adjustable-Feet-945377B.
Atlas Connector
Beam Puller
Timber Tools
Facade Clips
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Eurotec-H-Anchor-251x1024.jpg
Post Brackets
Magnuse Connectors
Magnus Connectors
Eurotec Angle Bracket 90mm x 90mm x 65mm Part 904726  Pack of 1
Angle Brackets

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