Eurotec Screws and Components

Eurotec in Germany manufacture a large range of specialist screws and components.

Known for their high quality products they are now available to buy in the UK from Swiftfix, Southampton. Please contact our sales office for more information and pricing.

Paneltwistec FlangeKonstrux Cylinder HdPaneltwistec CSKTop Duo Flange
Paneltwistec PT1000 Flange HeadKonstrux screwsPaneltwistec PT1000 Countersunk Top Duo Wood Screws
Blue PowerJustitecHapatecSawtec
Concrete Insulation ScrewsJustitec ScrewsPaneltwistec A4 Ornamental HeadSawtec Wood Screws
TerrassotecA4 OrnamentalTerrassotecHobotec
Terrassotec Dual Thread Screws A4 Stainless SteelOrnamental Head Screws Paneltwistec A4 Stainless SteelTerrasotec Single Thread Wood Screws Hardened Stainless SteelHobotec Hardened Stainless Steel Screws
Mammutec A4 Stainless Steel Wood ScrewsThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Terrrasso-C905809-EIMER_Tri-Deck_Tec_Holzkohle.jpgPedix 300Premium-Decking-Adjustable-Feet-945377B.
AtlasIdeefixTimber Framing ToolsAluminium Joists
Atlas ConnectorIdeefixBeam PullerAluminium-Sub-Frame-Joiners
Façade ClipsPost BracketsMagnus ConnectorsAngle Brackets

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Eurotec-H-Anchor-251x1024.jpgMagnuse ConnectorsEurotec Angle Bracket 90mm x 90mm x 65mm Part 904726  Pack of 1

For more product information on Eurotec Screws and Components, please follow the contact links below:

Telephone: 023 80 446644 

Fax: 023 80 448444


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