LBS Laminate Screws

LBS Laminate Screws are countersunk head wood fasteners for fixing elements of laminated veneer beechwood. Perfect for attaching pieces of laminated veneer beechwood together or to affix attachments made of other woods, wood-based materials and steel to laminated veneer beechwood. These fixings do not require pre-drilling. This is because of their special thread geometry and a particularly high breaking torque. They are intentionally made for use in load-bearing structures in service classes 1 and 2. Made of hardened carbon steel, blue galvanised and available in 8.0mm diameter, in lengths up to 240mm.

LBS Laminate Screws

LBS Laminate Screws Available:

8.0mm x 80mm8.0mm x 100mm8.0mm x 120mm
8.0mm x 140mm8.0mm x 160mm8.0mm x 180mm
8.0mm x 200mm8.0mm x 220mm8.0mm x 240mm

Product Data Sheet

Technical Information


  • Pre-drilling is not necessary.
  • For use in laminated hardwood, softwood veneer lumber and softwood in general.
  • Its DAG tip requires less screw-in torque.
  • Minimal splitting effect.
  • Optimised anti-friction coating for use in hardwoods.
  • Screws can be screwed in smoothly thanks to the torx drive.
LBS Laminate Screws

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