Resin Capsules

Resin Capsules are heavy-duty fastenings for use with threaded rods. They are a popular method for stress free anchorage in concrete and overhead applications. Providing a high pull-out value fixing, this makes them ideal for safety critical services. These have approval for use with threaded rods in non-cracked concrete (ETAG001 Option 7). Each capsule contains precise amounts of ingredients making it a very consistent product. The system relies on the adhesion between the concrete and resin, which is free from expansion forces. This makes it an ideal choice when requiring use in close edge and spacing distances. They are styrene free and odourless. Ensure you store them in the dark to allow for a long shelf life without restricting hold values.

Resin Capsules Available:

M8 R-CAS (Spin in)
Box of 10
M10 R-CAS (Spin in) Box of 10M12 R-CAS (Spin in) Box of 10M16 R-CAS (Spin in) Box of 10
M20 R-CAS (Spin in) Box of 6M20 R-CAS (Spin in) Box of 10M24 R-CAS (Spin in) Box of 6M30 R-CAS (Spin in) Box of 6

Product Technical Data Sheet

They are also suitable for use with natural stone (after site testing).

Resin Capsules


  • Threaded rods, balustrading, and also railings.
  • Heavy machinery, structural steel, and steel columns.
  • Cladding restraints and secondly curtain walling.
  • Fencing & gates manufacturing and also installation.
  • Formwork support systems, garage doors, and guard rails.

For more information on these products, please contact our Swiftfix team.

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