IdeeFix Wood Connectors

IdeeFix Wood Connectors are a hidden wood connector with high load absorption for tensile and transverse loads. An adjustable tension / detachable with universal applications. Overall, a hidden connector for making joints between the column and beam or main and secondary beam, and the steel plate and beam.

IdeeFix Wood Connectors
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Advantages of the IdeeFix:

  • Low wood-weakening effect.
  • For single- or multiple-row serial connections.
  • Quick and easy installation

Easy Installation:

Step 1: Drill
IdeeFix Wood Connectors
Step 2: Insert wood connector and install supplied screws
Step 3: Fix construction in place with construction screws
IdeeFix Wood Connectors

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If you would like more information on IdeeFix Wood Connectors, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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