Eurotec Justitec Distance Screws

Distance Screws / Adjustable Wood Screw

Eurotec Justitec distance screws – Dual threaded screws for adjusting timbers to a required distance. Once the screw is inserted it can be reversed so adjust the gap between the two work pieces. Can be used on door linings, fascia boards etc.Justitec and adjustable wood screw.

Distance Screws
Distance Screws
6.0 x 60mm6.0 x 70mm
Distance ScrewsEurotec-Justitec
6.0 x 80mm6.0 x 90mm
6.0 x 100mm6.0 x 110mm
Eurotec-JustitecDistance Screws
6.0 x 120mm6.0 x 130mm
Distance ScrewsEurotec-Justitec
6.0 x 145mm6.0 x 160mm
Distance ScrewsDistance Screws

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