Metal Plugs

Metal Plugs are an all steel fixing for light weight aggregate blocks. Ideal for fixing in areas such as fire escape routes where regulations restrict the use of plastic anchors or plugs. Their external teeth expand and grip into the material, giving high load bearing strength. Designed specifically for use with wood and chipboard screws. The internal ribs interlock with the screw’s thread to provide a secure fixing. They come in a Zinc and Yellow coating. Available from Swiftfix in brands Timco and Rawlplug.

Metal Plugs

Metal Plugs Available:

6.0mm x 32mm (Rawlplug)8.0mm x 38mm (Rawlplug)8.0mm x 60mm (Rawlplug)10mm x 60mm (Rawlplug)
6.0mm x 32mm (Timco)8.0mm x 38mm (Timco)8.0mm x 60mm (Timco)10mm x 60mm


  • Increased installation safety.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Removable and also able to be reinserted.
  • High holding strength even in oversized holes.
  • Inner toothing provides reliable screw guidance and centring, while the outer teeth guarantees high pull-out loads.
  • Additionally the ribbed internal geometry is suitable for screws, making it possible to guide the screw securely.
  • Especially used in areas where fire considerations disallow the use of a plastic anchor.

They are an all steel, non-flammable fixing conforming to BS 7671 standard’s 18th edition. Requiring wiring systems to be supported by materials which are unlikely to prematurely collapse in the event of a fire.

For more information on these products, please contact our Swiftfix team.

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