Wood Augers – 5mm up to 50mm Diameter with extra long lengths available.

 Wood Augers available in extra long lengths up to 1000mm and 1080mm.


High quality Professional Extra Long Auger bits available up to 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm & 1080mm long and up to 32mm, 40mm & 50mm Diameters.
Half size Augers and Tungsten Carbide Tipped Augers are available upon request.

The above Lewis Wood Auger Bits are suitable for Softwoods and European Hardwoods.

For exotic hardwoods that can be more than twice the density of Oak such as the following;

Azobe, Bongossi, Ekki etc we can offer a range of special Auger Bits.

Lewis Wood Auger Sets
Classic Screw Ring Wood Auger
Fitting for 13mm shaft Augers
Hardwood Augers

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