Drive Pins

Drive Pins are commonly for temporarily fixing timber to concrete, for applications such as boxing or formwork. They are also necessary for keeping framing in place until a bottom plate concrete anchor’s installed. These fixings are simple and easy to install. With a pre-drilled hole, hammer installing the pin into the anchor body expanding it and creating a tight fit. The lip over their head prevents the anchor from falling too deep into a pre-drilled hole. Making them compatible with holes that may have accidentally been driven too far into the material. Please be wary of installing these into crumbly materials as they will not hold as well as more solid base materials.

Drive Pins

Drive Pins Available:

Magazine Drive PinsMetal Washered Drive PinsPlastic Washered Drive Pins
Drive PinsDrive Pins

These fixings are generally for attaching plywood to masonry materials, such as concrete. They are light-duty anchors for lighter load applications in concrete, brick, block, and mortar. They are also frequently present in hanging furring strips and metal brackets.

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