Resin Anchors – Masonry & Concrete

Resin Anchors – Masonry & Concrete: Vinylester, Polyester & Epoxy

Swiftfix supply a large range of resin fixings for various applications.
For fixing threaded studs, rebar. handrails, railings etc

We stock a large range of resin studs and studding to use with the resin cartridges.

Masonry & Concrete Resin Anchor Products

R-KEM Polyester ResinJ-Fix Polyester ResinMA400 Polyester Resin
Resin Anchors - Masonry & ConcreteResin AnchorG&B MA400 Polyester Resin G&B Fissaggi Resin Anchors
R-KER Vinylester ResinHi-Load Vinylester ResinGebofix Vinylester Resin
R-KER II,Rawlplug Bonded Resin AnchorsHi Load Resin Vinylester Resin AnchorG&B Vinylester Resin Anchors
Epoxy Acrylate ResinNordic Resin for WinterR-KEX Pure Epoxy Resin
Resin AnchorsNordicRawlplug R-KEX II Pure epoxy resin tubes
JCP Pure Epoxy ResinG&B Pure Epoxy ResinResin Accessories
Pure Epoxy Resin AnchorG&B EPO ResinResin Accessories

Resin Studs

Fastening with bonded anchors, Balustrading & handrails, Barriers, Cable trays, Consoles, Curtain walling, Formwork support systems, Heavy machinery, Lamps, Safety barriers, Road Signs, Railings & Public seating

Available in Zinc Plated, Galvanised and Stainless Steel here.

Please contact our Swiftfix team for more information on Resin Anchors and our range of Resin accessories.

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