Metal Plate Screws

Metal Plate Screws also known as HBS, is the wood fixing designed for steel-to-timber joints. The truncated-cone shape and the increased thickness of the head make it possible to fasten metal plates securely to wood. Its longer thread ensures an excellent shear and tensile strength values. Its truncated-cone under-head achieves an interlocking effect with the circular hole in the plate, guaranteeing excellent static performance. They are also ideal for steel-to-timber joints in combination with large plates, made to measure for multi-storey wooden buildings. Coming in carbon steel with bright zinc plating, it is excellent for use with wood-based panels, solid timber, glulam, CLT, LVL and high-density woods. 

Metal Plate Screws

Metal Plate Screws Available:

8.0mm x 60mm EVO Coated8.0mm x 120mm EVO Coated

Values are also tested, certified and calculated for fastening standard Rothoblaas plates. Suitable for service classes 1 and 2.

Plates Available

WHT Plate T (Timber to Timber) Steel Plate 722 x 118 x 4mmTitan Shearing Plate TCP200
Metal Plate Screws

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