Lifting Eyes for Timber

Lifting Eyes for timber beams including CLT and Glulam.


The secure lifting system used with special 11mm single use coach screws.

Transport anchors for wood. Made of quality steel, this manual lifting attachment is used to lift all kinds of timber parts securely and easily. The transport anchors of the load group of up to 1.3 tonnes are expressly to be used only in conjunction with the Ø 11 x 160 mm Eurotec transport anchor screw tested in the ETA-11/0024 European Technical Approval. The Ø 11 x 160 Eurotec transport anchor screw is only to be used once! It can be screwed into solid wood (softwood), laminated veneer lumber, glue-laminated timber, composite laminated board and composite laminated beam without pilot-drilling. Use in hardwoods is not permitted! The possible and/or approved assembly positions can be found in our operating instructions. We will be delighted to provide you with a copy of these.

Please note:

• Transport anchor screws must only be used once

• Read the operating instructions in detail before use

• Users are to be trained prior to the first commissioning

• The transport anchor is to be examined for damage before each use and discarded where appropriate

• The weights of the parts to be lifted must be known and permissible

• Only the lifting equipment stated in the operating instructions may be used

How the system works

1) Screw in the screw without pilot-drilling

2) Engage the anchor

3) Lift the load

4) Release the anchor

5) Release the anchor

Available to purchase online.

Metal Banding

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