Paneltwistec A4 Stainless Steel Wood Screws Torx Drive Part Thread

Paneltwistec A4 316 Wood Screws. This Eurotec brand screw is a premium cut point product with self cutting ribs under the head. These produce a self countersinking action for a clean finish.

The stainless steel is in accordance with the German general building-authority approval Z-30.3-6.

Highly resistant to rust and acid. Suitable for fastening woods with high tannin content such as green oak. red cedar etc. It is also suitable for use in saline atmospheres and coastal areas.

The screw is suitable for use in timber–timber joints in outdoor installations and is used in garden, façade and balcony construction

ETA Approval: ETA-11/0024


Approved ro ETA-11/0024
Approved ro ETA-11/0024

The Eurotec complete range can be found online at

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