Circular Saw Blades

Circular Saw Blades consist of a collection of teeth around the outside and can cut a variety of materials using a forward motion. Many power saws can use them depending on the material being cut and the size of the tool. Selecting the correct bore size and diameter to fit the tool is crucial, as it must fit properly to perform and to make sure it is safe to use. The capacity of the cutting surface determines the depth of the cut. So the larger the disc, the deeper the cut. The number of teeth determines the finish, speed, and type of cute. Less teeth will result in a quicker cut, whereas more will give a finer finish. Discs made from tungsten carbide are harder wearing and can be re-ground. A large variety of these products are available to buy from Swiftfix, in-store and online.

Circular Saw Blades

Circular Saw Blades Available:

Biscuit Joint CutterFibre Cement BoardGold Alu/Plastic/LaminatePlatinum Alu/Plastic/Laminate
Circular Saw BladesCircular Saw BladesCircular Saw BladesCircular Saw Blades
Platinum TCTMetal TCTIndustrial TCTSilver TCT
Thin Kerf Gold TCTDART Gold ATBReducing RingsScorer
Circular Saw BladesCircular Saw Blades

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Tooth Types:

ATB Tooth: Suitable for most applications including rip saws and table saws.

ATB Neg Tooth: Suitable for use on mitre saws and chop saws. Minimises snatching and pick up of material.

ATB 30 Degree Tooth: Suitable for laminate material to reduce damage to the surface. Fast cutting.

TCG Tooth: Suitable for materials such as aluminium, plastic, wood laminates and other manmade materials. Leaves a chip-free finish due to its bevelled corner tooth which cuts first followed by a flat top tooth.

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