Metal Countersink Bits

Metal Countersink Bits create a region in metal that corresponds to the shape of the screw head. It helps to ensure that flat-head screws sit flush against the material in which you are drilling into. The “V” or conical shape it creates enables the screw to contact the material on both sides of the screw. These holes allow screw heads to be positioned in line with or just below the surface of the material. Forming a robust and secure connection. Additionally, they can also minimise sharp edges in metalwork. Protruding screw heads are unsightly, but can also catch on other materials and be dangerous. Causing cuts and scratches. These products are available to buy from Swiftfix in the RUKO brand, in a variety of sizes and materials

Metal Countersink Bits

Metal Countersink Bits Available:

Ultimatecut CoatedUltimatecut Cobalt

Important information for use:

  • Always wear appropriate safety equipment i.e. gloves and goggles. Drilling can cause flying chips, debris, and other eye-threatening hazards. 
  • Ensure you have the correct countersink angle. A 90-degree is best for metric screws, whilst an 82-degree is best for standard screws. 
  • Choose the right size drill bit. This is critical in determining how well the screw will fit.
  • Insert the bit into the drill press’ chuck and tighten firmly.
  • Set the drill to the correct depth. Depth stop adjuster should be set to at least 4.0mm or more, depending on your screw or bolt size.
  • Make sure your metal is secure before drilling. Using clamps is ideal.
  • Use an appropriate drill speed and pressure. Start moderately to keep it cool and prevent premature dulling.
  • Inspect your drill hole, ensuring your depths and diameters are accurate.

​For more information on these products please contact the Swiftfix team.