Premium Quality Japanese Saw

The Premium Quality Japanese Saw blade is a collapsible handsaw and the counterpart of the precision saws that are common in Europe. The key difference is that Japanese saws only cut on the pull stroke. The especially thin saw blade is a great advantage, along with the associated fine cut, which is achieved with low force exertion. Thanks to the extremely sharp trapezoidal toothing, the cut timber no longer requires finishing. This saves time and offers attractive results.

Application areas include carpentry crafts, tree care, pruning of trees and more.

Japanese Saw Blades
Saw Blade LengthDimensionsMaterial Thickness
240mm x 35mm x 1mm530mm/200mm1mm

Overview of product’s advantages:

  • Easy handling, producing fine cuts and a flexible saw blade.
  • Low force exertion and material wear.
  • Cuts on the pull stroke.
  • A great time saver.

Accessories and Other Timber Tools

KonstruXJapanese Saw
Timber ToolsTimber Tools
Framing RatchetLifting Eyes
Beam PullerLifting Eyes
Facade ClipsAtlas Connectors
IdeefixTorx Drive Bits
Ideefix hidden connector

For more information on Japanese Premium Quality Japanese Saw Blades please contact the Swiftfix team.

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