Plasterboard Screws

Plasterboard also known as Drywall Screws are for fixing dry lining boards such as plasterboard, tuffboard, and cementitious boards. They are ideal for fixing in to timber stud walls, metal plasterboard frames or track. Available in extra long lengths for thick insulation, as well as coarse thread and fine thread.

Drywall screws available up to 300mm Long with CE Approval EN 14566: 2008 & A1: 2009.

The drywall screws are available in zinc plated, black, stainless steel, self drilling type and collated.

Plasterboard Screws

Extra Long DrywallCoarse Thread Drywall
Coarse Thread drywall screws bugle head
Fine Thread DrywallInsulation
Fine thread drywall screwsInsulation Screw
Collated DrywallStainless Steel
Collated Plasterboard
Cement Board
Cement Plasterboard

If you would like more information on these products, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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