Drilling and Cutting Tools

Drilling and Cutting Tools for wood and metal. At Swiftfix we supply a large range of products suitable for use in both timber and metal materials. This includes hole saws, grinding discs, countersinks, discs, blades, multi tools, and more. For more information on any of the products we sell, please select the appropriate item below.

Cutting Tools

Drilling and Cutting Tools for Wood and Metal Available:

For Wood:

Wood AugersForstner BitsPremium Wood Drills
Sharpening ToolsPlug CuttersHinge Boring Bits
Plug CuttersWood Cutting Tools
TCT HolesawsPlaner BladesWood Countersink Bit Drill
Wood Cutting ToolsWood Cutting ToolsWood Cutting Tools
Premium TCT CountersinksWood Countersink BitsCV Brad Point Drill Bits
Wood Cutting ToolsWood Cutting Tools
Multi Purpose Drill BitsExtra Long Formwork Drill BitsClamps
Wood Cutting Tools
Multi Tool BladesJigsaw BladesSabre Saw Blades
Wood Cutting Tools
Flat Wood BitsMorse Taper Power ToolsCircular Saw Blades
Wood Cutting ToolsWood Cutting Tools
Deep Cut HolesawsHolesaws

For Metal:

Metal Twist Drills HSSMorse Taper Power ToolsCountersinksTaps and Dies
Stud & Bolt ExtractorsMetal TCT Saw BladesMetal Cutting DiscsMetal Cutting Machines
Metal Grinding DiscsLubricants & PastesHolesawsMagnetic Drilling Machines
Broach CuttersBandsaw BladesJigsaw BladesSabre Saw Blades
Multi Tool BladesWire BrushesChucks & KeysAll Options

​For more information on these products please contact the Swiftfix team.

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