Mirror Screws

Mirror Screws – imperial size screws available in a 8″ diameter and up to 2″ in length at Swiftfix. These fixings are simply wood fasteners with a decorative mirror plated head. Their flat head means they sit flush to the mirror and hold it securely in position. Pre-drilling is required for these fixings. Overall, they provide a secure and sleek finishing for mirrored panels and vanity mirrors. As well as any other type of thin panel such as splashbacks or access panels. Carbon steel with a zinc finish, the chrome plated dome head with rubber washer protects the mirror from cracking. These fixings also come available in a brass option, offering great resistance to corrosion.

Mirror Screws

Mirror Screws Available:

8″ x 3/4″8″ x 3/4″ Brass8″ x 1″
8″ x 1″ Brass8″ x 1 1/4″8″ x 1 1/2″
8″ x 2″
Mirror Screws Brass

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