Quad Cut A4 Stainless Screws

Premium quad cut A4 stainless steel wood screws marine grade A4 316 façade, deck and timber screws with a Torx Drive.

High quality torx drive wood screws in A4 stainless steel. The best option for woods such as oak and red cedar or installing close to coastal salt water environments.


– Revolutionary square thread
– Cutting point
– TX driving feature
– Secure hold for years to come
– Ribs under the head

9042 Quad Cut A4 stainless steel wood screws


BUY ONLINE  4.0mm diameter –  4.5mm diameter 5.0mm diameter

Ideal for all companies involved in wood processing (such as; carpenters, timber construction, facade construction), in all areas in which professional woodworkers are employed.

For chipboard, MDF and solid wood corner joins, also for screw connections with short edge distances.

Fastening fittings for construction of wooden windows, cladding and balcony boards.

Benefits of the quad cut A4 stainless wood screws;

No predrilling
Predrilling is not needed in most cases. We do however, always recommend testing the application.

Timber is not torn out
Cut tip to ensure accurate attachment, thus preventing from tearing out.

No discolouring
The anti-corrosion specialgrade steel subsequently prevents the timber and screw heads from discolouring.

Quick fastening
Optimum screw in torques are achieved by the revolutionary square thread. Facades are therefore fastened reliably and at speed.

The screw is not attacked
Stainless steel A4, in effect prevents the screw being attacked by the wood blending (tannic acid)

Wobble-free driving feature
The TX inner multi-tooth drive allows the screw to be easily and securely screwed in when the screw is attached and countersunk.

The Quad Cut have a standard size head for a smaller head version go for a Terrassotec or a Hapatec screw. Follow the links as shown above for more information.

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