Rebar Cutting Drills

​Rebar Cutting Drills are for drilling straight through rebar embedded in concrete without relocating holes. Rebar steel can be an obstacle to the standard hammer drill bit to drill through. Before specific rebar bits, it was common for people to drill another hole to avoid rebar when encountered. Leaving multiple unnecessary holes in the concrete. These products are available to buy from Swiftfix in the brands Relton and Heller, in-store and online.

Rebar Cutting Drills

Rebar Cutting Drills Available:


10mm x 300mm SDS12mm x 300mm SDS14mm x 300mm SDS16mm x 300mm SDS
18mm x 300mm SDS20mm x 300mm SDS22mm x 115mm SDS24mm x 115mm SDS
25mm x 115mm SDS230mm SDS Adaptor for Rebar 22-25mm


12mm x 230mm14mm x 230mm16mm x 230mm
18mm x 230mm20mm x 230mm25mm x 230mm
28mm x 230mm30mm x 230mmRatio Adaptor SDS-Plus for Rebar

How to use:

  1. Immediately stop and remove your masonry drill bit from the hole when you encounter rebar whilst drilling.

2. Mount a rotary rebar cutter in a standard 1/2″ drill motor or SDS+ rotary hammer motor (on rotary-only setting), and drill through embedded rebar.


3. After drilling through the rebar, remove the cutter, and continue drilling using the masonry bit.

For more information on these products please contact the Swiftfix team.